Waiting for Inheritance Cash – and Inheritance Loans

Sarah R. – in Alberta, Canada

A $50,000 Inheritance Loan can be a life-changer!

Inheritance Loans Specialist: The other day we were talking about employment, or unemployment…
Inheritance Advance Client: Yeah, we’re starting to see a lot more of that in Canada, especially Alberta, with less and less drilling for oil… Yet our media still talks about the 17% who continue to live in affluent neighborhoods all over Canada.
Inheritance Loans Specialist: Yes, with liquid wealth, cash, Wall Street investments and valuable real estate.
Inheritance Advance Client: Exactly. With a huge number of people living paycheck to paycheck.
Inheritance Loans Specialist: Yes. The people we’re always hearing about who are inheriting hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in property and cash. Clients frequently ask if we have a lot of folks on that level interested in inheritance loans… and of course the answer is “sometimes!”… The affluent rarely need immediate cash from a large inheritance loan; although sometimes they do require an inheritance advance, say for a large business investment or Wall Street investing opportunity –
Inheritance Advance Client: Hey, they are usually sitting on a lot of liquid assets anyway, or have their own lending sources right? Generous friends or wealthy relatives!
Inheritance Loans Specialist: Correct! They generally don’t find themselves looking at inheritance loans or probate loans, and calling us to chat about their probate paperwork or Trust Fund they want to borrow a million dollars from! Although I must add that we do see exceptions … but not on a regular basis. Our regular client is more like you Sarah – a regular person who comes into some wealth from an inheritance maybe once or twice in a lifetime; who receives a modest windfall, and want to do something with an inheritance advance, instead of waiting a year or two for probate to close.
Inheritance Advance Client: Why not.
Inheritance Loans Specialist: Yes but we know very well that for the average client it is still very rough, economically.
Inheritance Advance Client: Of course. And friends or relatives are often under-employed at lower income than they were used to in the 80s or 90s…
Inheritance Loans Specialist: Yes… So they frequently jump at inheritance loans for trusts, or a large inheritance advance or probate loan they can get from us so they can put together some money to do something meaningful with. The haste and urgency behind this trend is apparent.
Inheritance Advance Client: It certainly is. It certainly is. I’m glad I’m lucky enough to get an inheritance loan from you, and having this amazing conversation besides! With your help, I know I’ll end up with the best inheritance advance solution.
Inheritance Loans Specialist: Indeed you will Sarah. You will always get the most sensible inheritance advance with us – at the lowest rates.
Inheritance Advance Client: With this firm, I honestly feel like I can’t go wrong. Whatever we decide to do with any of your inheritance loans – it will be the best possible solution with what we have to work with. And we thank you for that.
Inheritance Loans Specialist: Sarah – of that you can be 100% sure!

Inheritance Loans Resolve Recession Problems

Helene and Brian B. – in Portland, OR

A $75,000 Probate Loan can accomplish a lot!

Inheritance Advance Client: I have to tell you, you did a wonderful job for us. We really needed the funds that your inheritance advance made possible. It came to us in the nick of time. I didn’t tell you, but we were behind 3 months on our mortgage. I was trying to figure out if I was going to be able pay our health coverage premium last month, when I discovered inheritance loans… and then this month trying to decide which credit cards to cut up into little pieces – when my probate loan was approved and actually arrived by overnight express 3 days later!
Inheritance Loans Specialist: Helene, are you happy with your Inheritance Advance?
Inheritance Advance Client: Happy? Ecstatic is more like it. I figured out your rates were lower than anyone, and you were twice as fast. So yeah, I guess we were happy about that! My husband was laid off months ago, so every dollar counts these days.
Inheritance Loans Specialist: Yes, we talk to a lot of folks with financial difficulties these days. A lot of our inheritance advance clients have cash flow issues.
Inheritance Advance Client: My husband Brian couldn’t believe I was able to get approved for a $75,000 inheritance advance without a credit report or credit score… and without an employment check. His credit is messed up because of all the bills we owe.
Inheritance Loans Specialist: That is exactly why our most popular inheritance cash advances are non-interest bearing inheritance advance assignments. Even though we sometimes call it an Inheritance Loan, because so many people refer to it that way – it isn’t technically a loan, it is a probate advance or trust assignment.
Inheritance Advance Client: Well it sure worked for us. We wouldn’t have been approved if we had to run a credit check. No way.
Inheritance Loans Specialist: That is exactly how many of our clients feel about credit reports and interest loans. And why they appreciate the way our inheritance advances or probate loans, work. Inheritance loans are not like bank loans, which generally go to people who don’t need the money, and not to the people who really do need it. Were you able to find a buyer for the house you inherited?
Inheritance Advance Client: Thank goodness yes… we finally found a reliable buyer who has the cash. We couldn’t have continued paying taxes on that property anymore.
Inheritance Loans Specialist: When you finally get your inheritance, what are you going to do with your liquid assets?
Inheritance Advance Client: We’re going to start a little business, and promote it on the Internet. Our inheritance loan funds took care of most of our debts. We’re up to date on almost everything we owed thanks to our probate loan.
Inheritance Loans Specialist: You thought probate was going to be closed by now, didn’t you. When in fact the estate won’t be distributing your inheritance to you for some time, isn’t that so?
Inheritance Advance Client: Yup. Our executor was telling us, you don’t need a probate loan or anything like that. Just wait another few weeks and you’ll get your inheritance cash. Well it didn’t work like that. It’s only now that probate is finally getting ready to close. If we hadn’t found out about your 72-hour inheritance loans we’d be flat broke right now, and still waiting on that executor – my cousin Bernard!!
Inheritance Loans Specialist: I’m glad we were able to help you and your husband with one of our more rapid inheritance loans, Helene.
Inheritance Advance Client: You did. We’re so very happy we did this probate advance with you. Our attorney was telling us to check into inheritance loans for Oregon – in fact she actually gave us your National 800 Inheritance Loan Hotline! She told us to take the word of the executor with a grain of salt, and prepare for all eventualities – including putting in place a reliable option for a large infusion of cash sometime up ahead!
Inheritance Loans Specialist: Thank you Helene.