Trust Fund Loan & Probate Advance FAQs

Visitors on Inheritance Advance often write in and request answers to many important inheritance cash advance and inheritance loan questions and issues. Our Senior Editor has listed some of the more common questions …

How long will it take to receive a Trust Fund Loan or Probate Advance once I send in all my documents and Estate paperwork?

It usually takes only a few days to receive your Inheritance Advance once our office has all your paperwork

Do I have any extra legal or processing fees to be concerned with when applying for an Inheritance Cash Advance?

Inheritance Advance takes care of all processing expenses. You are charged only one inheritance Advance fee, plus a legal fee in the state that your Inheritance is based in.

If I refer an Heir from the same Estate that my Inheritance Advance is coming from, do I receive a Tell-a-Friend Fee? If so, how much do I get for one referral?

You will receive a Tell-a-Friend fee if you refer another Heir, and that Heir is approved for an Inheritance Advance. The amount you would receive is strictly based on the size of the Inheritance Advance that the other Heir is set to receive.

Are there taxes on a Probate Loan or Trust Fund Inheritance Advance?

There may be. If there are federal Inheritance taxes imposed, the Heir or the Estate will be expected to pay any taxes associated with an Inheritance or an Inheritance Cash Advance or Loan.

If I am receiving an Inheritance Loan are there ways I can avoid paying Inheritance Taxes?

Possibly. This is an issue your accountant or tax attorney can address with you. It generally depends on the total value of the Estate; also if the deceased had been receiving an income from your inheritance assets.

If my father’s Estate has some debt, could this affect my Inheritance Advance, Probate Loan, or Inheritance Loan, in any way?

If the deceased owed money to various creditors who show up to collect on these debts, the debts may be paid out of the Estate. This could decrease the total Inheritance that your father left you, and therefore affect your Inheritance Advance.

Can my husband and I receive my entire Inheritance in advance, before Probate closes?

Most Inheritance Advances are fifty to sixty percent of the total Inheritance that is expected. We can only provide you with an Inheritance Cash Advance that is a percentage of the total Inheritance you are expecting.

Do you provide Inheritance Loans for Trusts, Probate Loans and 72-Hr. Trust Fund Loans and Probate Advances, in every region in Canada?

Yes, we provide Probate Loans and Cash Advances, as well as Trust Fund Loans and Trust Cash Advances, to all regions in Canada.

I am expecting an Inheritance from England. Will Inheritance Advance give me an Inheritance Loan?

We do not provide Inheritance Cash Advances for Heirs of Estates in the UK. The Estate must be based in the USA or Canada.

If I am approved for an Inheritance Cash Advance or Estate Loan in a state where there are no taxes imposed on a person’s Inheritance, is it still necessary for me to pay taxes?

Federal Inheritance taxes may still be imposed.

Will my credit union or local bank provide me with an Estate Loan, even if it is a small Advance?

No, banks and credit unions consider Inheritance Cash Advances and Inheritance Loans too much of a risk to make it a part of their business model. Traditional lenders will never provide an Heir with an Inheritance Cash Advance or Inheritance Loan of any size.

If my sisters and I are expecting a cash Inheritance from house sale, and there are no liquid assets in the estate, can I get an Inheritance Loan for a Probate or Trust Fund Inheritance Cash Advance?

Usually you can, but it depends on the value of the property, if the property is for sale, and the overall saleability of the property.

My Inheritance is in the form of a Trust, without liquid assets — the Trust is based completely on real estate with a great deal of debt. Can I get approved for an Inheritance Advance?

Most likely you will not be approved for an Inheritance Advance.

If Probate has not been filed with the Probate Court, but will be filed soon, can I apply for an Inheritance Cash Advance?

It would be too early to apply for an Inheritance Cash Advance if you have not yet filed for Probate. However, once Probate is open it is likely we can help you with a Probate Loan or Probate Advance.

If I am expecting a large Inheritance from my grandmother, but we are not expecting to file for Probate, can I still apply for an Inheritance Advance, if there are a good deal of liquid assets in the estate?

We can only furnish an Heir with an Inheritance Cash Advance, or an Inheritance Loan, if the Estate in question is already in Probate, or in Trust.

After Probate has started, if an Heir belonging to the Estate contests the Will in some way, does that prevent this Heir from applying for a large Estate Loan, or Inheritance Cash Advance?

It really depends on what the specific Will challenges are. There is still a good chance this Heir may be approved for an Inheritance Cash Advance, and that the Inheritance Advance in question will be the amount the Heir wishes it to be.

Can an Executor, who is also an Heir, apply for an Inheritance Cash Advance?

An Heir of the same Estate, who is also an Executor, can be approved for an Inheritance Advance.