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Based in Southern California, Inheritance Advance is the most successful Inheritance Cash Advance financial firm in America and Canada advancing Inheritance funds to Heirs and Beneficiaries prior to the close of a Probate or distribution of a Trust.

What does “most successful” mean?

It means Inheritance Advance has the best reputation. It means Inheritance Advance has provided the most loans and cash advance to Heirs of any firm serving this business sector. It means Inheritance Advance can be trusted and relied on to deliver time and time again.

The financial professionals at Inheritance Advance pioneered the financial methodology that allows fast, secure Inheritance Cash Advances to be available to Heirs and Beneficiaries of Probate Estates and Trust Funds in America and Canada – in advance of reaching final distribution.

With Inheritance Advance there are never “out of pocket” or “up-front” costs associated with Inheritance Advance’s Probate Loans or Trust Fund Advances.